Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I have recently been asked by Mallzee to be guest editor for their blog, hence I decided to write about my current fashion obsession: the oh-so-trendy crop tops! Visit Mallzees fabulous blog here and learn more about the app here!
White crop top and skirt - Zara | Necklace - Topshop // Blazer - Zara (old) | Cropped bralet - Topshop | High waisted skirt - Zara

Showing off your bare midriff has been frowned upon for almost two decades. The last time crop tops were en vogue was in the glorious 1990ies. The cropping trend however has been sneaking back into fashion in the last few months and I must admit that I am more than excited! To me, everything cropped (tops and trousers in particular) make a chic and stylish fashion statement.

Crop tops are the perfect alternative to show of some skin without showing too much cleavage or wearing a miniskirt. Here I show you my favourite outfit combinations: minimalistic, chic, sporty and elegant.

I can't wait for the warmer spring days until I am able to throw on some crop tops without risking hypothermia. My go-to high street shops for finding the most stylish, inexpensive crop tops are definitely Zara and Topshop and I like to go to H&M to find high waisted pants and skirts that make the combination perfect. The Mallzee app can help you find your perfect crop top too!

PS: my secrets to keep my tummy and waist in shape are two sessions of Pilates a week. For more fashion updates and inspirations you can follow me on Instagram too.

Crop top - Zara | High waisted leggings - H&M Trend | Watch - Michael Kors // Crop top - Zara | Black high waisted jeans - Topshop | Bag - Chanel


  1. Love your outfit picks! And love the idea of cropped tops, I will be definitely wearing them when the weather gets slightly warmer!

  2. love the first one in total white. I used it on my last fashion editorial, I have to try it on myself!! :)

  3. I love the last one (the black one), it's amazing!!


  4. Great blog and style, dear! Do you want to follow each other? Just let me know! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post :)

    -Mademoiselle S.

  5. So nice and graceful.....the ultimate beauty is here indeed.